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Amazon killed the High Street Mall Stars?

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The word now means above all the 4th highest valued company in the world by stock valuation. Gone is the automatic identification with mythical ancient Greek warrior demi-goddesses. Gone the name for a woman with moxie who stands up for herself, her beliefs and those she cares about, and will not brook resistance. Gone is the great river basin universe of exotic life providing a lion’s share of the Earth’s oxygen. Now in popular mythology the domain of the new Zeus, Jeff Bezos, holds sway.

We all hear regularly the woeful tale of how Amazon’s online behemoth tolls the death knell of bricks and mortar business after business. The closure of independent high street booksellers is blamed on Amazon. Difficult times for book publishers are invariably blamed on Amazon’s forays into publishing and stranglehold on book pricing. The recording industry’s decline in profits and demise of the local record…

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