Data Science Ireland will be a weekly podcast to teach you all you need to know about AI, Machine Learning and Data Science in our data-driven world with guests from a wide-range of backgrounds offering their insights on where the future of Data Science will take us. Launching summer 2018.

In the meantime, Data Science Ireland will share some blog posts and interesting articles that we come across and bring you along on our journey as we learn about data science, AI and ML together.

We also host meetups in Dublin on the first Wednesday of every month with some of the country’s best speakers coming along to share their AI, ML and Data Science experiences with you. It is also the chance for the Irish Data Science community to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Please check out our Meetup page for details and when the next event will take place.

If you have any queries and would like to learn more about Data Science Ireland, please visit our Contact Us page.